Graduate Certificate

This program of study will enhance students' sensitivities to issues relating to gender in contemporary societies and would provide a rigorous program for the study of gender. This certificate would be an optional grouping in addition to graduate requirements. The requirements for the Gender Studies certificate might also satisfy a department's minor field of concentration, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the certificate. Completion of approved courses will be recognized by awarding a certificate signed by the Director of the Gender Studies Program and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and will be noted on the student's transcript.

In order to earn a certificate a student must have at least 12 credit hours distributed as follows:

Students must complete at least four courses, only one of which may be a directed individual study. DIS should be arranged with the instructional faculty member and approved by the Director...

Courses must be chosen from at least two disciplines.

Courses must be chosen from the following list of courses offered by the faculty of the Gender Studies program: 

  • COE 6743.Gender Issues in Counseling.
  • EN 8593.Arab Women Writers.
  • HS 6313.Family Resource Management.
  • HS 6403.Introduction to Gerontology.
  • HI 6273.Women in American History.
  • HI 6283.History of Southern Women.
  • HI 6293.History of Gender and Science.
  • PSY 6983.Psychology of Aging.
  • SO 6203.The Family in the United States.
  • CO/GS 6233.Gender and Media.
  • CO/GS 6236.Gender Communication.
  • SO 6503.Gender and Work.

Modification to this program of study will be considered on an individual student basis upon petition to the Gender Studies Director.