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Gender Studies at MSU

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that examines the construction of gender in a variety of cultures and in different historical epochs.

About the Program: Gender Studies courses examine gender as a social, cultural, biological and psychological phenomenon and the various ideologies that underpin the distinctions that different societies over time have made between the categories of “man” and “woman.” As a field of inquiry, Gender Studies enables us to question how gender as a social and cultural construction shapes people’s lives, their relationships, the workplace, institutional structures, public policy and the production of knowledge. It also enables us to investigate the different impact of events, technologies, and government policies on men and women. The study of gender helps to broaden our understanding of culture and identity, the intersection of gender with race, class, and sexuality, health and body politics, region and environment, nationalism, and citizenship.


Through the College of Arts and Sciences, Mississippi State University offers an undergraduate minor in Gender Studies (18 credit hours) and a graduate certificate (12 credit hours).