Program Faculty and Staff

Kimberly Kelly, PhD Photo

Kimberly Kelly, PhD

Director of Gender Studies
Associate Professor of Sociology

Interests: Intersections of Religion and Reproductive Politics, specifically Evangelical Anti-Abortion Activism in the United States

Ashley Vancil-Leap, PhD

Ashley Vancil-Leap, PhD

Instructor of Gender Studies and Sociology

Interests: Gender, Work, and Food Insecurity, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Work, and Racial Minorities

Paula Jones Photo

Paula Jones, BS

Business Manager I

Melanie Walsh

Melanie Walsh, MS

Gender Studies Program Assistant

Interests: Mental Health and Disparity, Developmental Issues, Gender and Sexuality, Systems-approach to Mental Health and Wellness

Affiliate Faculty

Carolyn Adams-Price, PhD photo

Carolyn Adams-Price, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Interests: Gerontology, Aging and Eyewitness Memory, Aging and Literacy, Aging and Activity, and Aging and Writing. Gender Differences and Adolescent Development

Rachel Allison, PhD Photo

Rachel Allison, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Gender and Intersectionality across Societal Institutions Characterized by Women's Increased Representation, including Education, Medicine, and Sport

Leslie Baker, PhD photo

Leslie Baker, PhD

Instructor of Political Science

Interests: American Government and Introduction to International Relations, American Foreign Policy, Public Policy, and Gender and Politics

Michael J. Breazeale, PhD Photo

Michael J. Breazeale, PhD

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Interests: Consumer-Brand Relationships, Branding Implications for Non-Traditional Organizations, Collector Communities, Consumer Responses to Retail Settings and Technologies, LQBTQ+ Consumer Behavior

Kay Brocato, PhD

Kay Brocato, PhD

Associate Professor of Education Foundations

Interests: Educational Equity

Shalyn Claggett, PhD Photo

Shalyn Claggett, PhD

Associate Professor of English

Interests: Nineteenth-Century British Literature, Literary Theory, and Science and Literature

Adele Crudden, PhD photo

Adele Crudden, PhD

Professor of Social Work

Interests: Disability, Gerontology, Job Retention among Persons with Disabilities, Women’s Issues, and Health Care

Qiana Cutts, PhD

Qiana Cutts, PhD

Assistant Professor of
Counseling, Ed Psyc, & Foundations

Interests: Educator Wellness, Cultural Critical Consciousness, Perceptions of Diversity, and the Lived Experiences of Black Girls and Women, particularly those born and raised in and/or living in the South

Alexandra Finley, PhD

Alexandra Finley, PhD

Assistant Professor of HIstory

Interests: African American history, Labor history, Women’s history, Antebellum South, Nineteenth-century U.S.

Alexis Gregory, AIA photo

Alexis Gregory, AIA

Associate Professor of Architecture

Interests: Construction Technology and Making, Design/Build, Low-Cost/Low-Income Housing and Architecture, Community Design, and Diversity in Architecture

Margaret Hagerman, PhD photo

Margaret Hagerman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Children and Youth, Sociology of Families, and Qualitative Methods

Susan Hall, MSLS photo

Susan Hall, MSLS

Associate Professor of
Architecture, Art and Design Library

Interests: Digital Divide and Under-Represented Groups, Institutional Repositories, Studio-Based Learning, Social Media Policy in Higher Education, and Information Literacy

Benjamin Harvey, PhD

Benjamin Harvey, PhD

Associate Professor of Art History

Interests: Word-and-Image Issues, Art and Literature of Nineteenth-Century France and Early Twentieth-Century Britain

Kecia Johnson, PhD photo

Kecia Johnson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Consequences of Incarceration, Women's Imprisonment, Gender and Crime, Gender, Race, and Food Insecurity, Gender and Marriage, and Earnings Inequality

Braden Leap, PhD photo

Braden Leap, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Culture, Identity, and Interaction, Community, Inequalities and Environments

Sarah Lee, PhD photo

Sarah Lee, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor of
Computer Science and Engineering

Interests: Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering, and Formation of Engineers

Kelly Marsh, PhD photo

Kelly Marsh, PhD

Professor of English

Interests: British and Irish Literature Since 1900, Contemporary Literature, Women’s Literature, and Narrative Theory

Anne Marshall, PhD photo

Anne Marshall, PhD

Associate Professor of History

Interests: U.S. South, Women's History, 19th and 20th Century U.S

Bonnie Carr O'Neill, PhD photo

Bonnie Carr O'Neill, PhD

Associate Professor of English

Interests: Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture

Sol Pelaez, PhD photo

Sol Pelaez, PhD

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Interests: 20th And 21st Century Latin American Literature, Southern Cone, Comparative Literature, Literary and Critical Theory, and Philosophical, Political and Psychoanalytical Approaches

Lindsey Peterson, PhD photo

Lindsey Peterson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Stratification (US And Cross National), Political Sociology, Development, Foreign Aid, INGOs, Power, Research Methodology, and Quantitative Methods

Melinda Pilkinton, PhD photo

Melinda Pilkinton, PhD

Director and Associate Professor of
Social Work

Interests: Mental Health and Substance Abuse, School Social Work, Individual, Family, and Marital Therapy, Nursing Home Consultation, Administration, and Supervision, Military Issues, Substance Misuse, and Women’s Issues Including Poverty, Barriers to Employment, Incarceration, and Domestic Violence

Nicole Rader, PhD photo

Nicole Rader, PhD

Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Professor of Sociology

Interests: Criminology, Gender, and Qualitative Methods, Gender and Crime, Fear of Crime, Sexual Victimization, and the Influence of the Media

Kathleen Ragsdale, PhD photo

Kathleen Ragsdale, PhD

Associate Research Professor of
Medical Anthropology

Interests: Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities, Adolescent Pregnancy and Associated High Risk Behaviors, Nutrition Education and Behavior, Ehealth Interventions (ICT for Public Health Promotion), Community-Based Research, and Program Evaluation

Margaret Ralston, PhD photo

Margaret Ralston, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Understanding Patterns of Health and Wellbeing in relation to Social Policies, Community Resources, and Social Relationships

Andrea Spain, PhD photo

Andrea Spain, PhD

Associate Professor of English

Interests: Postcolonial Literature, World Literature, Critical Theory, and Film

Photo of Tara Sutton

Tara Sutton, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Interests: Violence Against Women and Children including Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Victimization, Abusive Parenting, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Violence

Courtney Thompson, PhD photo

Courtney Thompson, PhD

Assistant Professor of History

Interests: History of U.S. Women, History of Science, and History of Medicine

Eric Vivier, PhD photo

Eric Vivier, PhD

Assistant Professor of English

Interests: Early Modern English Literature, Drama, Satire, Rhetoric, Religion, and Politics, and Cultural Studies

Danielle Wylie, PhD photo

Danielle Wylie, PhD

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Interests: Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Psychology, and Cognitive Science, and Ethics (especially metaethics)

Molly Zuckerman photo

Molly Zuckerman, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Interests: Bioarchaeology, Paleopathology, Reconstruction of Social Identity (Gender, Sexuality relative to Health and Disease), Evolution of infectious Disease (Syphilis), Epidemiological Transitions

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Ellen Bryant, PhD Photo

Ellen Bryant, PhD

Founding Director of Women's Studies
Associate Professor of Sociology


Linda Morse, PhD photo

Linda Morse, PhD

Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Interests: Creativity, Problem-solving and Cognitive development

Donna Reese, PhD photo

Donna Reese, PhD

Professor and Head of
Computer Science and Engineering

Interests: Underrepresented Groups in STEM

Kittye Robbins-Herring, PhD

Kittye Robbins-Herring, PhD

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages


Diana E. Wall, PhD photo

Diana E. Wall, PhD

Associate Professor Emerita of Political Science and Public Administration

Interests: Public Law, Administrative Law, and Gender Differences in State Supreme Court Justices' Decision Making